Minggu, 20 November 2011

Banjir Bandang di Petoosang

At date January 10th 2009, Petosang Village, in territory of Tinambung alkali flood that exact at Saturday, 06.00 AM. Afterbirths, there was in accident place, we was on Petoosang on bestow because that the almighty. That direct while 2 evening 2 day. Disaster nature those was disaster nature that first at 2009 year this in Polewali Mandar. And Petoosang was included section in the most serious condition knocked down flood. I am subsequently follow to be sad hear news those.
At time those flood beginning felt at day call on night. Flood was happening, because the river Mandar that to over flow after action rain while 24 hour. The disaster nature already be killed teens person and soil place stayed population on there collapse that almost with evenly. The flood wasn't matter how more less 2 meter, and the fact at house washed away soaked flood. Because incident those maked member class force moved place evacuation. Help new come already rainy to stop and flood beginning to decline in particular at Sunday day. People from out side also to go along come make to see disaster large those. Corpses many that look for make to bury. Incident those cause a stir entire people that there is in Polewali Mandar, specifically for at section Tinambung. In fact people Majene also greatly on news mentioned. Assistance health and arrive substance food from out side territory. Creation that make that make the have children that should go to school be forced to leave.
At present to Petosang to stay reminiscence. That less a food, place to stay they many that missing because many accredited member of an association. Orphan and motherless child Children to become is family they missing to swallow flood and dragged along flood. A part sacrifice is population customary. Creation that make sacrifice flood become cry on and on when they remember revert to creation curdling that. Building population and also place general like school, not slipped away from flooded. Besides that they also have to clean up the house from mud. In fact baby included sacrifice from flood big that. The domesticated animals live stock and also the garden they damaged. Don’t there is purpose when they remember return incident those that however be able produce water eyes.
Oh, God give and take they firmness with patience up trial this and condone the sins for they that already not existing. Follow witness there is sacrifice child adolescent that pass away with at the same time embrace younger brother or sister or younger cousin, now someone father that safe from flood but entire the family be dead dragged along current flood. My al though don’t be able make use of self for observe flood in Petoosang according to live but those don’t decide zest my for make coral this as much or many as possible. There is many at lesson that can of we acceptance from experience they that become sacrifice flood on Petoosang, for example for don’t throw rubbish of river above all now in Indonesia average experience season rainy.

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